Wellness App Focus

Unplug Meditation

This database-driven video streaming app has been featured on the App Store as well as media including Vogue, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Forbes. The app streams 700+ meditation videos from 60+ world renowned teachers to iOS, Android, a Web App, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. An Enterprise dashboard allows corporate partners to quantify wellness results for their employees. We were invited to Apple Entrepreneur Camp in January 2020 on the strength of this app.

Technology: Swift, RESTful JSON, AWS, CloudFront, Django/Python, PreactJS

IoT Healthcare App Focus

IoT Medical Device (TBA)

We developed the companion iOS app (to be released in 2020) for a cutting-edge, FDA-cleared device which uses interactive visualization via Bluetooth to a smartphone. Written in Swift, the app supports three different generations of the medical device, utilizing a mixture of BT and BLE. Data is securely collected in a backend database to support FDA trials and efficacy studies. (under NDA until release)

Technology: Swift, BLE, BT